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Learn How Kidney Works (that’s need for you)

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Who does not want to be beautiful, strong, and healthy? The external cleansing of the body is in your hands. But the responsibility for cleaning the inner part of the body lies with the kidneys. The kidneys are essential for our survival. They serve several extremely important functions. Their main tasks are to remove waste products from the blood. And maintain a balance of salt and water levels in the body. Kidneys are most important in the human body. Today we Learn How Kidney Works.

The location of your kidneys

Most people have two kidneys, but it is possible to live a traditional life with only one. The buds are shaped like beans and are about the size of a fist. To determine where the kidneys are, do the following: Place your hands on your hips and slide them up until you feel your ribs with your fingers. The kidneys are located behind the thumbs. You cannot feel them, but they are there, well hidden inside the body.

How Your Kidney Works

4-6 liters of blood flowing in your body, depending on your weight. Blood is transported to and through the kidneys by the renal arteries. Every day, about 1,500 liters of blood pass through the kidneys and are cleaned thanks to about one million microscopic filters. These filters are called nephrons, and they are so small that it takes a microscope to see them. Most kidney diseases are caused by damage to the nephrons. When they lose their filtering properties, dangerous levels of fluids and waste products can develop in the body.

The blood needs to be cleansed

When the body gets the nourishment it needs from the food you eat, some waste products are recycled back into the bloodstream. One of the key functions of the kidneys is to continuously remove these waste products from the blood. It can be said that the kidneys are the “cleaning station” of the blood. If the kidneys do not remove waste products, they will accumulate in the blood, causing serious harm to the body.

The kidneys also have other functions.

The kidneys have other functions in addition to cleaning the blood. An important function of the kidneys is to maintain the balance of fluids and minerals in the body.

Release from waste products and water

Substances that are filtered by the kidneys are mixed with water and converted into urine. Urine is passed from the kidneys through small tubes (ureters) and collected in the bladder. Urine, which contains waste products and water, is excreted from the body through the urethra.

The kidneys always have a job

The kidneys also produce active vitamin D, which is essential for the absorption of calcium from food. Calcium is important for building your bones, among other things. In addition, the kidneys help regulate blood pressure and stimulate red blood cell production. Thus, without a doubt, kidney function is essential for good health.


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